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More Work With Studio D, Part 3

July 8, 2016

Over the years, I’ve learned that my initial gut instinct is usually right. This was no exception.

After spending a half hour cutting cardboard and using blue tape, it didn’t take two seconds for me to realize I needed to trim the end table on the crotch side and not the straight live edge side when I set it up against the slab.

Framed End Table 01 Cropped

If it was trimmed on the straight live edge…

Framed End Table 02 Cropped

If it was trimmed on the branch live edge…

Trimming the branch side off will still leave me with plenty of awesome grain in the crotchal region while allowing me to create a usable table top.

I did not have a strong initial impression of whether or not 12″ was enough depth for the hall table. This gives something of an idea of what it might be, though I would probably keep all of the live edge and not chop it like that. Or maybe I could make the live edge more of a straight-line reference for the front of the table for consistency.

Framed Hall Table 01 Cropped

I did not have time this morning to adjust the frame to 15″ to see what a deeper hall table might look like. I will do that this evening, though, as I think it is important to see. Looking at it framed out the way it is, I’m afraid I’m not getting enough depth. Also, I need to check with the photos of where the table will go again. If the hall table ends up with one end being deeper, because of the live edge, I need to know which end it should be as I can control that based on which side of the plank I take the waste from.

Oh, I updated the last post, but wanted to mention here as well that my wood supplier in Evansville, IN is Joe Schneider. His website is The Wood Slab King. If you’re in need of large pieces of wood at a great price and you’re within 4 hours of Evansville, he’s definitely worth checking out.

More to come…


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