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Here is a list of resources you might find useful. I’ll try to update this page as I find new resources and as old ones are no longer available.

(It is also for my reference… some of these sites I’ve visited and patronized; some of them are ones I”ll try when the opportunity arises.)

Hand Tools (Koontz-style holdfasts) (Tool and File Sharpening) (needle files and rasps) (new quick-release face vise – Fall 2014) (maker’s stamp, moulding plane restoration) (hand forged dividers and chisel hammers)

Power Tools
yer on the wrong blog, bud.

Finishes (1oz beeswax @ $4.95, 1lb beeswax @ $12.95)

Hardware, Fasteners, and Finishing Touches (Hand Stamps)
German Thread Cutter Device (illustrator for logos and tshirt designs)

Wood Suppliers (call for live edge inventory; located in Jefferson City, MO)

Reclaimed Wood Suppliers

Free Music (for making woodworking videos)

On-Line Instruction

Bob Flexner on finishing both sides of a board

Wish List
Masayuki hammer
21st Century Harris Tweed Kilt

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