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I have two main sections in my woodworking library: Spiritual and Reference. Any book located in the Spiritual section is something I read for personal enjoyment, to help me reconnect to why I love working with wood and to refocus myself when I lose sight of my goals. Any book located in the Reference section is going to be a book on techniques, processes, and projects. Some of the spiritual books may contain reference information, but that is incidental to the main reason for keeping the book in my library. I will link to my own review of a book when possible. For lack of a better method, I’ve decided to organize the books in an MLA-esque format, by author and title.

Konovaloff, Tony. Chisel, Mallet, Plane and Saw. 2012
Krenov, James. A Cabinet Maker’s Notebook. 1976, 1st Ed., HB
Krenov, James. The Fine Art of Cabinet Making. 1975, 1st Ed., HB
Krenov, James. The Joys of Cabinet Making. 1979, 1st Ed., HB
Krenov, James. With Wakened Hands, Furniture by James Krenov and Students. 2000, 1st Ed.
Krenov, James. Worker in Wood. 1981, 1st Ed., HB
Makinson, Randell. Greene & Greene: Creating a Style. 2004, 1st Ed., HB
Nakashima, George. The Soul of a Tree. 1981, 1st Ed.
Rose, Walter. The Village Carpenter. 1943, 1st Ed., HB
Schwarz, Christopher. The Anarchist’s Tool Chest. 2011, 1st Ed., HB (signed)
Sloane, Eric. Reverence for Wood. 1965, 1st Ed., HB, Signed
Underhill, Roy. The Woodwright’s Guide. 2008, 1st Ed., HB
Underhill, Roy. The Woodwright’s Shop. 1981

Becksvoort, Christian. With the Grain: A Craftsman’s Guide to Understanding Wood. 2013, 1st. Ed., HB
Bickford, Matt. Mouldings in Practice. 2012, 1st Ed., HB
Blackburn, Graham. Traditional Woodworking Techniques. 2004, 1st. Ed., HB (signed)
Blackburn, Graham. Traditional Woodworking Tools. 1998 (signed)
Charlesworth, David. Furniture-Making Techniques. 2000
Charlesworth, David. Furniture-Making Techniques, Vol. 2. 2003
Crawford, Andrew. The Book of Boxes. 1993, 1st. Ed., HB
Dunbar, Michael. Restoring, Tuning, & Using Classic Woodworking Tools. 1989, 1st Ed., HB
Fidgen, Tom. Made by Hand. 2009, 1st. Ed., HB (signed)
Fine Woodworking Magazine. Fine Woodworking Design Book Seven. 1996, 1st Ed., HB
Fine Woodworking Magazine. Fine Woodworking Design Book Six. 1992, 1st Ed., HB
Fine Woodworking Magazine. Fine Woodworking Design Book Two. 1979, 1st Ed., HB
Fine Woodworking Magazine. In the Craftsman Style. 2001
Fine Woodworking Magazine. Planes and Chisels. 1985
Flexner, Bob. Understanding Wood Finishing. 2005, 1st Ed., HB
Freedman, David. Box-Making Basics. 1997
Grotz, George. The Furniture Doctor. 1962, 1st Ed., HB
Hack, Garrett. The Handplane Book. 1999
Harris, David. Portable Writing Desks. 2001
Hayward, Charles. Carpentry for Beginners. 1949, 2nd Ed., HB
Hayward, Charles. English Period Furniture. 1947, 4th Ed., HB
Hayward, Charles. Woodwork Joints. 1970, HB
Hoadley, Bruce. Understanding Wood. 2000, 1st Ed., HB
Jewitt, Jeff. Hand-Applied Finishes. 1997 (signed)
Kinney, Ralph. The Complete Book of Furniture Repair and Refinishing. 1950, 1st Ed., HB
Lang, Robert. Shop Drawings for Craftsman Inlays and Hardware. 2004
Lang, Robert. Shop Drawings for Craftsman Interiors. 2003
Massengale, Robert. Missouri Woods. 2001
Odate, Toshio. Japanese Woodworking Tools: Their Tradition, Spirit, and Use. 1984, HB
Peart, Darrell. Greene & Greene: Design Elements for the Workshop. 2005
Popular Woodworking Magazine. Hand Tool Essentials. 2007, 1st Ed. (signed)
Schwarz, Chris and Anon. The Joiner and Cabinet Maker. 2009, 1st Ed., HB
Schwarz, Chris and Joseph Moxon. The Art of Joinery. 2008, 1st Ed., HB (signed)
Schwarz, Chris. Handplane Essentials. 2009, 1st Ed., HB (signed, Katy Sock Monkey)
Schwarz, Chris. Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use. 2007, 1st Ed., HB (signed, Katy Smiley Face)
Schwarz, Chris. The Workbench Design Book. 2010, 1st Ed., HB (signed, Katy Smiley Face)
Stowe, Doug. Box Making. 2004
Stowe, Doug. Simply Beautiful Boxes. 2000
Taylor, Zachary. Decorative Wood Inlay. 1997
Taylor, Zachary. Marquetry and Inlay Handbook. 2003
Tolpin, Jim. The New Traditional Woodworker. 2010
Turgeon, Kitty and Robert Rust. The Arts & Crafts Home. 1998, 1st. Ed., HB
VanArsdale, Jay. Shoji: How to Design, Build, and Install Japanese Screens. 1988
Watson, Aldren. Country Furniture. 1974, 1st Ed., HB
Watson, Aldren. Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings. 1982
Wearing, Robert. The Essential Woodworker. 2010, 1st Ed., HB

Other Books
Zinsser, William. On Writing Well. 1976, 8th Ed.

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