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Funding My Long Strange Trip

April 3, 2020


I wrote some words the other day! You can read them on Teak&Timber’s Blog!  Teak&Timber is a Seattle-based company that supports local woodworkers through their online marketplace. Their goal is to empower woodworkers to build beautiful furniture while letting Teak&Timber handle the marketing and customers. It’s sort of a unique take on the cooperative community. Having worked at a cooperative software company for the last 19 years, I’m very interested in this concept.

So when Daniel McConnell, the CEO, and Alena Peterson, the Content Creator, contacted me about writing a guest blog post for their website, I was interested to hear more. And that resulted in the blog post.

So go there. Read some words I wrote. And I promise I will start doing a better job of putting more words that I write here on my own website for you to read.  There aren’t enough hours in the day, but… lately I find myself with a little bit of extra time (thanks COVID-19!), so I should be able to get a few blog entries out!

Oh, and I got a new Maker’s stamp a while back. It was made by Tim Purdy at Steel Stamps Inc. I think it looks rather smart.

Stay safe. Stay home. Read more blog posts.


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  1. Ron permalink
    April 3, 2020 4:31 pm

    Checking it out now! 😉


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