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Woodworking In America 2015 – Kansas City

November 7, 2014


Seems like it was just two months ago we were all cavorting about in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, at Woodworking In America 2014, doesn’t it? What? You didn’t see me there? Ah, that’s because Winston-Salem was just too much of a drive for me. Sorry.

But WIA 2015 is going to be in Kansas City, Missouri!

Kansas City, Here We Come!

Now that is a drive I can make! What’s more, we have friends in the general area we never get to visit often enough, so we’ll start trying to coordinate something with them and we can turn it into a family trip! Who knows – maybe the little shop helper will make an appearance. It would partially depend on which parental unit he’s favoring that month. It changes. Often. And for no apparent reason.

Anyway, maybe I’ll see you there? You can also look for me in Amana, Iowa, in May of next year, as well!

Handworks 2015

I’m quite excited for the chance to make both events!


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