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Restoring A Traditional Backsaw With Mark Harrell

June 25, 2014

Mark Harrell, proprietor of Bad Axe Tool Works, has been working on a series of articles on how to restore a traditional backsaw.

Before and After...

Before and After…

Right now, the articles are only on FaceBook, but he is working on getting them formatted into a page on his website,, in the near future.

If you have a FaceBook account, you can check it out in his feed here:

If you are not quite that socially pervasive, then you will have to wait for him to add it to his website. I will try and stay in the loop and get a link to you just as soon as it is done.

On my end, I chatted with the guy who gave me the Ridgid planer dust hood to convert into a dust collection system for my bandsaw. Now I have pictures and the process explained, so I should be able to get into the shop and get that made up in short order. I’ll write something up… good or bad.



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