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She has us pegged!

September 23, 2011

The Anarchist's Tool Chest

The other day I was down in the lunch room, getting ready to dive into another thorough reading of The Anarchist’s Tool Chest by Chris Schwarz, trying to avoid the trials and tribulations of work for 45 minutes.

(I think I’m on the 5th or 6th time now, and with each reading I find something new!)

When I opened the book, a slip of paper fell out. I glanced at it and immediately noted the handwriting was definitely not mine. For starters, it was written in blue ink using a ballpoint pen and I only use black EnerGel pens by Pentel.

(What? I’m a writer! These things matter.)

My interest was peaked. I spread the note out on the table and read:

 A perfect book: by the OCD,

for the OCD.

 To wit: p.427 says it better than I could.

 Well… I certainly didn’t write THAT! It wasn’t Dana’s handwriting, and Finley doesn’t know cursive (… ok, he can’t print, either; but he does have a vocabulary of 30+ words – not too bad for a 14-month-old), so who could it have been?

Ahhh… there is only one other option: Dana’s mother-in-law.

She occasionally helps us by watching Finley in our home when either he or the sitter (or one of her kids) is sick. And she likes to snoop about, seeking tasty snacks or interesting tidbits to occupy her time when he is napping. I suspect she thumbed through my book on one of those most recent occasions and thought she would leave a funny note for her mildly-OCD son.

She also seems to be obsessed with the fact that her mildly-OCD son is becoming more and more like her majorly-OCD husband. What she should be worried about is that her daughter-in-law is becoming more and more like her!

(Or maybe I’m the one who should be worried…)

Out of curiosity, I flipped to page 427 to see what it said. Ha! It’s the section on timing your screws. Damn! We’ve been called out, Chris! And I’m afraid we have no defense!

(A call to my mom earlier today confirmed my suspicions – she is the perpetrator of the half-wit prints.)

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